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Hello, I am Dr. Pradosh Kumar Panigraghi MD, MC, PhD, PDFRA

Dr.Pradosh Kumar Panigrahi, Cardiologist, was born in India . After moving to Ukraine he received his M.D. degree from the University of Odessa Medical in 2001. Dr. Panigrahi's Internship and House Practice in Internal Medicine, Gynecology, Pediatrics and Surgery were completed at the SCB Medical Colleges Hospital & MKCG Medical college Hospital, Orissa, India. His M.Sc., Ph.D. and Post Doctorate Research Associate fellowship training in Cardiology was at the Odessa National Medical University and Donetsk National Medical University in Ukraine. Dr. Panigrahi is certified by Orissa Medical Council (Medical Council of India ) , Ukraine University and Supreme Attestion Commission and has Master's Degree , Ph.D. and Post Doctorate Research Associate fellowship training in Internal Medicine, Cardiology Subspecialty in Ukraine.

Dr. Panigrahi has completed Doctorate of Science in Cardiology one year at Odessa National Medical University. He has practiced Cardiology for over 12 years and has been licensed in Ukraine and India. Dr. Panigrahi is presently working as an Assistant Professor in Odessa National Medical University, Internal Medicine Department No.4, Odessa (Ukraine) and Medical Director and Vice President of International Development in Global Health Care Connections Inc., Saskatoon (Canada). Dr. Panigrahi has been on several Boards as an Executive Member and Vice President. He has been working as a Vice President in International Board of Medicine and Surgery, Florida (USA) and Medical Advisor in Canadian Carnation Bioproducts Inc., Saskatoon (Canada).His experience is quite diverse with a variety of medical practice experiences, training in several areas and teaching internationally.

Dr. Panigrahi has 17 years in clinical practice, but remains active in Cardiovascular continuing education and Cardiac program development. He is member of International Academy of Cardiology.

Dr. Panigrahi is a member of International Academy of Cardiology, Odisha Medical Association (India), NB Science Eastern Europe, International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry and World Peace Development & Research Foundation.

‍ Dr. Panigrahi has been an International speaker, by invitation, to present research papers in variousInternational conferences such as Multicon 2018 Mega Multispeciality Medical Award Conference inIndia , International Scientific Practical Conference in Ukraine in 2108 and IBMS Dialogue : Cuban & American Doctors in Cuba in 2016 . Dr. Panigrahi has received International awards in India on National Science Day 2018 as a Guest of Honour and from World Peace Development & Research Foundation as a Chief Guest of Honour.

Dr. Panigrahi has participated in various countries international medical conferences such as 15th World Congress on Heart Disease in Canada(2010), Submit on Medical Tourism Business 2013 in Mexico, First Medical Tourism Congress in El Salvador (2014), and the International Medical Tourism Exhibition & Conference in Oman (2018). Dr. Panigrahi has completed the ICH GCP KNOWLEDGE CERTIFICATE training entitled Good Clinical Practice in 2008, Kyiv ,Ukraine from NB Science Eastern Europe.

D Dr. Panigrahi has innovated through his six years clinical research work by using magnetic therapy to prevent recurrence of heart attack and this work has been patented and received good recognition internationally.

D He has contributed to many peer review publications and participated in multiple clinical trials. He has won awards and honours in the medical field and in the community at large, some of which include The International award for Outstanding Service, In addition, Dr. Panigrahi has been interviewed for his expertise in Cardiovascular Medicine on radio and television.

Dr. Panigrahi has seventeen international publications and hold a patent on Heart attack prevention, Using Magnetic Therapy to Prevent Recurrent Myocardial Infarction.

Dr. Panigrahi has worked every day to help people, community and society as much as possible in Canada, Ukraine and India in day to day life.

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